What does your time with Jesus look like?

Maybe you're like me and it's a daily battle to sit down and engage with scripture. We've found that having a Bible that reflects who you are personally, will help you to consistently and intentionally engage with scripture. Just like you make your faith your own, your Bible should be your own, too.

What distinguishes our custom Hand Painted Bibles from others?

Every piece undergoes an intensive three step process which includes a specialized base coat, high quality paint, and a custom sealant to ensure longevity.

One day this bible will go to my children. I pray that they’ll read my notes and see just how much God loves them.

Jessica D.

I purchased a Bible and journal for both of my daughters! They love how it personally reflects their personalities!

Kelly M.

Her talent is amazing, and I think Peri has the key to art. I Totally recommend purchasing a bible.

Femi S.